How to Change Cooler Master Fan Color

How to Change Cooler Master Fan Color

Most of the users like the vibrant display of different colors in our monitors, mouse, keyboards, and cooling fan in the PC Case or CPUs. If you are also one of them and want to know how to change cooler master fan color then you are at the right place.

We are going to give you the best procedures to change the colors and have control of RGB fans. So, without further ado, let’s roll. 

Using Software without the Controller

Cooler Master gives users a productive software solution to control and customize the RGB lights on the fans. This method is best for those who want a straightforward way to change cooler master fan colors using the software.  Follow the steps below:

Download and install the Software

To control or change the colors of fans you need to install the Cooler Master. The most popular Software to control or change colors is Asus Aura Sync. You can download and install the Aura Sync software to get controls on the fan’s colors.

Launch the Software

Once you have installed the software, launch it. You will see the Aura window will provide you with a wide range of options for customizing your fans colors and breathing effects. 

Select Your Cooler Master Fans

In the Asus Aura Sync, you must identify and select the cooler master fans you want to control or change colors. Make sure they are properly connected to your motherboard RGB header. In the case of a motherboard with only one RGB header, you need to have a splitter with 2 or 3 RGB connectors. 

Luckily Cooler Master has its own fan splitter for up to ARGB which supports MasterLiquid and MasterFans coolers.

cooler master fan splitter

Customize Fan Colors

Now you are ready to start customizing the cooler master fan colors. Aura Sync offers a lot of color options and lighting effects. You can choose static colors, and dynamic color effects like breathing or rainbow, and you can also sync the lights with other RGB components on your PC Rig.

Save your Profile

Once you are satisfied with the colors and lighting effects, do not forget to save your profile. This will help you to switch between different presets easily. In this way, you can create multiple presets and easily switch according to your mood.

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Using the RGB Controller

If you are looking for a hardware solution or if your motherboard does not have more than one RGB header, then you can cooler master RGB controller which allows you to control the fan colors. I would like to share with you a few brief details about connecting the fans to the RGB controller from Cooler Master.

Connect the RGB Controller

The Cooler Master RGB controller comes with different types of cables a 3-way splitter and the actual device. Here are a few steps:

  • Connect the Cable to the AIO Pump
  • Install Fans to CPUFAN
  • Install Fans to Controller
  • Install Pump to Controller
  • Connect the USB from the Motherboard to the Controller
  • Create a Bridge for the Reset
  • Connect the Controller to the Motherboard
  • Power up the Controller and Connect the RGB fans
Connect the RGB Controller

Set the Color Using the Controller

It is now time for us to share a few things about the RGB Controller. Red, green, and blue channels can be adjusted separately. It may be worthwhile to do that if you want lighting with a specific color combination. To get a purplish hue, you can turn the green channel completely off while increasing red and blue.

Another step is to download the Cooler Master RGB Software, which is often referred to as ‘MasterPlus’. In addition, it’s easy & nice to use.

The software can be downloaded from Cooler Master’s official website. Drag the fans one by one to the window above after opening the window.

The RGB Controller has little light bulbs. Simply take this one fan off at the top panel and go for the light button. That’s one fan-activated. So, if you add as many fans as there will be in the system, do the same thing again.

Now, the Cooler master RGB controller is ready to show its potential.

Save Your Preferences

After selecting the colors and effects using the RGB controller, do not forget to save your preferences. This will help you to quickly switch between different color schemes.

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Now we are sure that you know about how to change cooler master fan color. The physical setting are bit complicated. But after a few tries you can easily connect the controller. Whether using software for precise control or an RGB controller, Cooler Master provides options for both types of users.

These two methods will help to bring your PC to life with a vibrant and customizable lighting experience that will suit your style. Experiment with different colors and effects to get the perfect look for your PC Build or gaming rig.




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